What a year it's been!

I never imagined that when I made my new years plans and my business plans for 2020, that it would lead to a world wide pandemic and mean me having to temporarily close my business down. Ive watched my friends and family struggle this year with their businesses having to temporarily close just like mine and its been hard on everyone. But instead of fixating on the negative, I’m going to be focusing on the little positives I’ve managed to pull out of 2020, like my little Maggie.

We got her during lockdown and what a pleasure she has been, she’s brought my family so much joy, plus it helps she’s super cute! Another positive for 2020 is my eldest not only turned 18 but also passed his driving test, so now I can make use of some free rides, which will be more useful when lockdown is over!

I decided during lockdown to raise money for Dartmoor Zoo by doing doorstep photos, as I missed photography so much, but obviously complied with the lockdown rules. So this idea combined the best of both worlds, my love and passion for photography, as well as making families happy.

After the lockdown eased, I managed to temporarily get back into the studio and photograph some beautiful baby bundles and start on my Christmas shoots! Nothing brings me more pleasure than the looks on the faces of the parents seeing how adorable their precious little ones look.

Talking of Christmas, I’ve got gift vouchers available they are the perfect gift for a friend or loved one expecting a new arrival in 2021.

Ive also kept myself busy helping my mum with her business making handmade masks to help rid the world of this pandemic. We have been super busy buying material and making masks for adults and children, catering for all occasions and they also make the perfect Christmas stocking filler. If you want to check them out then click on this link https://www.facebook.com/handmademaskcompany

We also make bandanas for dogs too, which I must say makes an excellent stocking filler for those furry friends in our life. The company is https://www.facebook.com/brunoandclyde so be sure to check them out as well.

I’m running a competition for existing clients... leave me a google review to win a family photo shoot with all images on USB worth £299! You have until Xmas Eve to leave the google review so head over to my facebook page to enter!

Finally I teamed up with Vicky from RL Motors we provided 22 local families who were struggling with bundles of toys for their children. It’s such a hard time for so many people and they were gratefully received.

I don’t know what 2021 is going to bring, but I feel it holds more hope than 2020 has and I want to embrace that and keep bringing happiness to families and continuing to appreciate my own family and friends as this year has reminded me how important your loved ones are, as sometimes its easy to lose sight of that.

I hope that you all make 2021 a special year and make sure all your dreams and ambitions come true.


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