More Yummy Mummy Businesses for you to follow Part 2!

Hello again everyone, I’m back with another blog post for you on more amazing mummy businesses that I have the pleasure of working with or knowing, so naturally I want to share them with you!

Let’s get started with one that’s sure to make you laugh as we have all been there with those awful child moments, that make you wonder what on earth you did to deserve it! Helen at Twins Tantrums and Cold Coffee will make you cry with laughter. She puts up the most hilarious memes and blog posts to get you through the day and make you realise we all go through those ‘moments’ and its totally normal! Well worth a like on facebook!

Next up we have the two Amy’s who run Myami Hair an amazing place in a lovely location in Torpoint for you to go and relax and have a pamper if you ever get a spare hour or two! The cuts and colours are just divine and you won’t be disappointed!

This lovely lady Jessica at Belle Events is a BRAND new business, so please make sure you give her a follow! If you ever want to lavish up your event with flower or balloon walls this is your place to go! I mean just look ……

A woman that I love, who helped destress me and keep me in shape weekly while I was pregnant was Cassie She worked wonders with me and I was so much more flexible even with my bump, as well as leaving the classes feeling utterly relaxed and ready to tackle another week of photos and editing. It was my perfect remedy to unwind while carrying my little human!

Next up is Kerri at Grace and Glamour my go to for all beauty treatments when I just feel like a pamper hour. Offering Henna Eyebrows and wonderful CND Nails, they are the perfect place to go to for some ‘me time’ knowing you can leave looking fabulous!

Lastly we have Lois at Forget me not fashion this plush little online babywear shop, produces the most adorable rompers. I mean just look at River in her pretty pink romper! Give her a follow and order yours now!

Finally we all know how stretched money can be when you have children, so if you need any beauty treatments done on a smaller budget then give this lady Danni a follow at Network HQ. she offers training and supplies too, so is your one stop shop/go to place! What more could you want from a business!

Thanks for reading, I hope you can share the love with these companies as well as mine. Don’t forget I’m booked so far in advance now for my sessions, be sure to pop me a message as soon as you know your due date, so I can see if its free for you.

Michelle xoxo

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