More ways to display my images!

What more could you want from a photoshoot, than a memory to last forever?

Why not take a look at my wonderful wall art I offer as well as my digital prints. It’s something truly special, even if I do say so myself! Beautiful, simple, framed prints, and even wooden circular spheres for that picture that’s a little more unique for you to display on your wall at home or give to a loved one!

We are all guilty of purchasing digital images and hiding the USB in a drawer never to be seen again. With technology moving so very fast in years to come a USB may even be hard to use in the future. A beautiful professional wall art display is something very special, something timeless to treasure, to enjoy and to pass down to future generations.

I've had so many compliments on these new stunning wall art displays, so I thought I'd share them with you and put some up in my studio, so you can see the quality for yourself! These images really do not do the detail and quality justice, they are so very beautiful.

Here are just some of your options.....

Please send me a Facebook message, or email for more information regarding placing an order for these. I hold onto your digital images for around a year after your photoshoot so you are always welcome to come back to purchase wall art at a later date if you wish.

As you all know Christmas is fast approaching! There are just 17 Fridays left!!!!!!!! Yes, you heard right! So I am releasing my shoot dates very soon, end of August, so keep your eyed peeled on my page and turn on the post notifications – three dots at the top of the page, then notification settings, so you don’t miss out, as this year there will just be 20 sessions available over the space of two weekends. My theme is going to be very simple as always with a very slight festive feel to the images, concentrating on the all-important stars of the show!

Finally, if you haven't seen me post or mention it multiple times (I'm sorry!) then where have you been?! But I've got a shiny new website, so please all take a look! I’m so in love with its simplicity and pureness!

Oh, and one last thing before you go! If you’ve had a session with me please can you be so kind to write a google review for me, as unfortunately Google didn’t like the fact I created a new website and pushed me down the listing (geeky, boring, tech stuff) so I need lots of reviews on my google page to put me back near the top where I was before!

Google Reviews Please

Thank you, I really appreciate all of your love and support!


Little Star Images

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